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121 Home Privacy Policy

121 Home Furniture respects your privacy and is committed to the protection of it. This privacy policy explains why and when we collect your personal information, and what use we make of that information. The policy also explains where and why your information may be disclosed to third parties, and the security measures used by 121 Home Furniture to help protect your personal information.

Why and when we collect your information

Personal information you give us

121 Home Furniture collects some of the information you give us, either online or by email. In most cases, the personal information 121 Home Furniture will collect from you is the personal information we are required to provide our services. This information includes your full name, mailing address, phone number, email address and where applicable, your facsimile number. 121 Home Furniture does not store your payment details when purchase anything from this site, such as your credit card number or bank account details. We may use your personal details to contact you if there are questions regarding your purchase, pending order or incomplete order.

121 Home Website information (including cookies)

121 Home Furniture makes limited use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a small message given to your web browser by our web server.

The browser stores the message, and sends the message back to the server each time you request a page from the server.

121 Home Furniture only uses cookies to tell us when you have set up an account with us previously (i.e. when you are a "registered user" of our website), and sometimes to let us know how you found our website. Where the cookies tell us that you are a registered user, cookies also allow us to automatically link you to your personalised accounts so that you can easily access any products or services only made available to our registered users, without your having to provide us with your username and password on every web page. The cookies allow us only to identify you in our database if you are a registered user, and to connect you to the relevant products and services on our website, but not to track the pages you visited on our website.

You always have the option to disable cookies by turning them off in your browser. However, you should be aware that many of the services available on the 121 Home Furniture website will not work if you have chosen to do this.

In addition to cookies, 121 Home Furniture web hosting servers register the type of web browser you are using and your IP address when you access our website.

How we at 121 Home use your information

121 Home Furniture may use your information to measure your experience of our services and products and to inform you of new product developments and associated services that we believe will interest you. If you do not wish to receive email notices or other communications from 121 Home Furniture regarding additional products and services, simply use the unsubscribe function in the emails to notify us that you wish to opt out of this service.

We may use your information in statistical form to analyse your purchasing preferences. This information is not used to track your individual preferences but rather to give us a general picture of the products and services our customers prefer. We might also gather information in statistical form such as the number of visitors who visit the 121 Home Furniture website on a daily basis. Again this is not used to track any individual customer's browsing habits.

We may use your email communications with 121 Home Furniture to analyse customer service issues as a way of identifying potential improvements for 121 Home Furniture products and services. In addition, we may occasionally monitor telephone conversations with you in order to facilitate staff training and to maintain our high levels of customer service. We will always inform you prior to any telephone conversation which is monitored in this way to obtain your prior approval.

We may use your IP address to contact your Internet Service Provider to let you know of any problems with payments you have made to us where we believe this is reasonably necessary to protect against fraud and credit card misuse.

Disclosure of your information to third parties

Third party service providers

We may supply your personal information to our third party billing and payment service providers where we believe this is reasonably necessary to protect against fraud and credit card misuse. Where you have made a query in respect of a payment processed by 121 Home Furniture which is made known to us by your bank or credit card company by communicating the query through our bank, we may supply the relevant personal information to assist you with your query. On occasion, we may also engage other companies or individuals to perform services on our behalf such as the distribution of marketing information to you (except where you have chosen to opt out of receiving this information from us).

Our relationships with such third party service providers are governed by our contracts with them. Those service providers are required to hold your personal information strictly confidential.


You may access and update the personal information we provide to the registries in respect of your domain name licence at any time. For information on this procedure, feel free to contact 121 Home Furniture. If you believe that 121 Home Furniture may hold other personal information about you which is inaccurate, please contact us by using this web form and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is corrected.

121 Home Furniture's Site Security

The transfer of information across any media may involve a certain degree of risk, and the Internet is no different. However, helping you to keep your information secure is very important to 121 Home Furniture. In order to protect the security of personal information transmitted to 121 Home Furniture online, our Web servers support the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol where appropriate. Using this protocol, information transferred between our systems is encrypted.

In addition, in respect of any payment details you send to us, we reveal only the first six and last three digits of your credit card number on the tax invoice receipt which we send to you for billing purposes. This is to help keep your credit card details secure.

You can also use simple precautions to help protect your security, such as protecting against the unauthorised use of your username or password or other authentication id.

121 Home Privacy Policy Changes

121 Home Furniture may make changes to its privacy policy from time to time. You should check our privacy policy from time to time to see if we have made any changes to it.

You can update your cookie settings by


The following is a list of cookies, that is used on

Cookie NameDescription/PurposeOriginLifetime
<random characters>Typically used to track and identify unique visitors or months
PHPSESSIDNative PHP cookie that allows PHP to maintain days
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cookie_checkUsed to store the user's cookie preferences for their site.paypal.com9 months
cookie_prefsUsed to remember a user's choices and preferences relating to the use of cookies on the PayPal site.paypal.com3 months
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topleaveUsed by 121 Home Furniture to remember if the user has triggered the top leave
cookieconsent_statusUsed by 121 Home Furniture to store the users response to the cookie year
__cf_bmUsed by Cloudflare is to support its Bot Management serviceCloudflare30 minutes
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Further information or queries

If you have any queries or comments, or would like more information concerning the 121 Home Furniture privacy policy, please contact us by using our contact page.