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Sofas - Sofa Bed, Couch, Grey Sofa and Leather Sofa

At 121 Home Furniture, we have a selection of sumptuous and comfortable sofa and sofa bed, supplied by some of the leading manufacturers of Home Furniture in the UK - Julian Bowen and Shankar. Within our range of Sofas, you'll find numerous different sizes and styles such as small grey sofa, brown faux leather sofa, mink sofa, fabric sofa bed, black couch and settee.
A Sofa bed is the perfect solution to adding an extra bed to your house for visiting guests without having to dedicate an entire room as a guest bedroom. The Sofa Beds are a great solution as for most of the time, they just appear to be a regular sofa and can be used as such but in no time at all, they can convert into a bed.

Sofa and Sofa Bed from 121 Home Furniture

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