Projector Ceiling Mounts

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Projector Ceiling Mount and Projector Mount

At 121 Home Furniture, we sell a selection of Quality Engineered Projector Ceiling Mount that are manufactured in the UK.

Many people have started using HD Projectors and a white screen or large white wall for their home cinema to sit back an enjoy movies as it tends to be cheaper than purchasing an equivalent large tv. The perfect place to mount the projector is on the ceiling so that it's out of the way while still being accessible to click buttons and the ideal way of mounting a projector to the ceiling is with a projector ceiling mount. We have a good selection of projector ceiling mounts which vary in size so that you can pick the one perfect for your house depending on the height of your ceiling. Another ideal place to use a projector and projector ceiling mount is in a boardroom or conference room, mount above your boardroom table so that presentation can have a pre-prepared visual element that's easily viewable. Classrooms also make use of projector ceiling mounts with the combination of smart board to enhance the classroom and learning experience.

If you have any questions regarding our projector ceiling mounts, please give us a call on 01236 614797. We supply all Projector Mounts with a lifetime guarantee to the original installer. All Projector Ceiling Mounts are manufactured in the UK and fully comply with all UK quality standards.

The range of Projector mounts will fit the majority of Projector Manufacturers but if you are unsure, call our helpline on 01236 614797 and we will assist you as best we can.

•    In the unlikely event that your mount or stand does not fit our unique fitment-guarantee offers reassurance of a factory direct, custom service that will make your mount or stand fit free of charge. The manufacturers guarantee contact number is 0845 603 7212 if you need any assistance once purchased.
•    Projector Ceiling Mount Warranty: Lifetime warranty to the original installer covering materials and workmanship providing the product is used as intended and within its listed specification.

Projector Ceiling Mount and Projector Bracket from 121 Home Furniture

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