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Guest Beds

Guest Beds

Guest Bed - Sofa Beds, Folding Bed and Day Bed

Here at 121 Home Furniture, we have a nice selection of Guest Beds available, supplied by one of the leading home furniture companies in the UK - Julian Bowen. These beds are perfect if you have anyone staying over but don't have an entire extra room with full size bed. Our range of Guest Beds consist of Folding Beds, Sofa Beds, Day Beds and Cabin Beds, The Folding Beds fold up so they can be stored in a cupboard when not in use. The Sofa Beds are a great solution as for most of the time, they just appear to be a regular sofa and can be used as such but in no time at all, they can convert into a bed. The Day Beds and Cabin Beds both consist of a Single Bed with an additional single bed underneath that can slide out when required.

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